Monday, December 7, 2009

Dracula, Part Deux

I enjoyed Bram Stoker's Dracula immensely when I was younger, but until now have steered clear of most other vampire fiction. I hoped his great-grandnephew, Dacre Stoker, might have inherited some of his writing genius, so I decided to check out his sequel, Dracula: The Un-dead. The sequel picks up 20+ years after the original. A gruesome murder leads some to believe that Jack the Ripper has returned, but those that battled Dracula before recognize the signs of the vampire. Believing that Dracula is not truly dead, Mina Harker and members of the original band, set out to finally stop him. But it turns out that there is something even more evil than Dracula out there. I don't know if you would call it great literature, but it sure was a good, fast-paced, exciting read. Dracula's nemesis has an interesting, albeit dark, history, which made for a good story. Simon Prebble narrates the audiobook and is absolutely fantastic. He really should narrate all historical fiction that requires English accents.

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