Monday, September 24, 2012

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (and Land)

Travel books are one of the most popular types of books in our non-fiction book collection.  Lots of people like to check out travel books before they go to a new destination so they know what sights to see and good restaurants to try.  Your basic travel book has listings for the sights, hotels, and restaurants.  The Unofficial Guides to Walt Disney World and Land are a little different.  If you are planning a trip with your family to either of the Walt Disney resorts these guide books are a must have.  The Unofficial Guides are designed to help you create a strategy for dealing with the crowds and lines at both locations.  If you use these guides they will save you a huge chunk of time and aggravation and will make your visit to the Magic Kingdom so much more enjoyable.

What the Unofficial Guides do is explain how the parks work at both Disney World and Disney Land and how to best take advantage of the ways things work.  The books explain when the best times to visit are based on how busy the parks are.  They also explain how the lines work for each of the rides and how to best avoid those lines.  They give you a clear and easy to understand method for how to get in the most rides while avoided the long lines.  You'll feel like an "insider" while you rush through the fast pass line at Space Mountain at 2pm with the free fast pass ticket you picked up at 10am.  These books go as far as providing a detailed itinerary explaining what rides you should go to and when.  For instance, go to the Peter Pan ride as soon as the park opens.  Otherwise you'll be in line for at least an hour.

What is nice as well is although they provide a detailed itinerary for what rides to do when it is also fairly flexible.  The book explains the system they use and how to use that system to develop your own itinerary as well.

Each ride is also rated for how fun it is along with how kid friendly it is as well as if you should ride it if you have issues with motion sickness.  All of the other features of the parks including every restaurant and hotel is also rated in terms of quality and price.  There are also insider tips about how to deal with disabled guests, elderly guests, babies & toddlers, large groups, and the special events that happen throughout the year.

These are perhaps some of the most useful travel books on the market.  They provide clear results if you follow their advice.  You'll end up saving literally hours of time each day by not standing in long lines.  These are travel books that will truly enhance and improve your trip.  If you are planning a trip to either Disney Land or World you MUST read these books before your trip.

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